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From Simple designs to Stunning works.


The Potager Range

A collection of ceramic pots etc for your garden

Tray Kits

Tray kits with a range of different tiles and inserts.

Blues Range

A range of items in delft blue!

Succulent Range

A collection of succulent inserts in a variety of colours and designs.

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October is the month of Purple. Here in Pretoria the streets are full of blooming Jacaranda trees. So, we too at The Clay Club are having a month of purple, showcasing our selection of purple mosaic inserts. Here you can see a collection of daisies, happy flowers, roses, butterflies, hearts, dots, ladybugs and even a delightful fish.

FLO-002 Daisy Large Purple
FLO-018 Happy Flower Large Purple
Botanical Roses Purple
HEA-003 Tiny Hearts Purple

Our succulent inserts are inspired by succulent plants with their unique and varied forms and vibrant colors. Wonderful to use in a mosaic project. We make inserts in a wide range of different designs and colours. 

Succulents F
Succulents E
Succulents Rose A 2
Succulents D

Beautiful ceramic arum lily flowers, leaves and stems are available in our simple to stunning inserts. We also have 2 DIY mosaic kits. The Arum Round Key Holder and the Arum Oblong Key Holder.

Arum Key Hanger Round
Arum Key Hanger Oblong
Arum Lilies
Arum Lily Leaves
Botanical group 1

We have Botanical Tray kits in our Simple to Stunning Range. See the Botanical Petite Tray Kit and the Botanical Tray Large with Handles. The kits include some lovely inserts too. See the Delicious Monster Large Leaf and the Extra Large Heart Leaf.

Watch our How To Video showing you how to clip different leaf inserts.

Botanical Petite Tray
Botanical Large tray with handles
Delicious Monster Leaf Large
Heart Leaf XLarge

Spring is time to plant some herbs. We have 15 different herb markers to add to your herb garden, making it easier to tend to the plants.

Herb Markers 2
Coriander Basil
Oregano Mint Herbs Dill
Rocket Parsley Rosemary Thyme

Introducing our new Simple to Stunning Range

From Simple designs to Stunning works…

This includes a wide range of botanical leaves and flowers and some new DIY Kits.

Simple to Stunning

Introducing our new Potager Range.

This range includes a variety of garden pots, air plant holders, macramé and beads.

The Potager Range
Hanging pots
People Planters

See some new kits in our Simple to Stunning Range, all neatly packaged with everything needed including easy to follow instructions. Place your order here!

Botanical Leaf 1 Kit, Feather Incense Holder Kit, Botanical Strelitzia Pot Stand, Botanical Bird Bath, Botanical Arum Key Holder.

Botanical Leaf 1 Kit
Feather incense holder
Strelitzia Pot Stand Large
Botanical bird bath
Arum Key Hanger Round

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