Hi. I’m Ursula Janke, and this is my story…

Ursula Janke and her team have been creating Bisque and Ceramic Mosaic Inserts since 1990. They specialise in the manufacture of hand-painted original inserts, unique Bisque products, a wide range of 150x150mm decorated ceramic tiles and an inspiring range of DIY Mosaic Kits which feature their delightful products. Ursula has always loved working with clay and spent many hours in her aunt’s studio. She would later attend various courses to perfect her techniques before she bought moulds from Glathaar Ceramics to embark on her own entrepreneurial adventure from her garage at home.

Starting off with teaching nursery kids to do pottery projects, Ursula later expanded her range of products to include all kinds of items to cater to the growing demands of the mosaic enthusiast. Renowned for her exquisite roses which are hugely popular, she is a regular at the major Craft Exhibitions. In late 2010 it became apparent that the double garage would no longer support the expanding business and The Clay Club moved the factory to new premises in Weavind Park early in 2011.

Ursula remembers the first time she and her daughters faced the huge expanse of the factory with a certain amount of trepidation at the mountains of products and equipment that needed to be unpacked! The factory was nevertheless unpacked and is functioning exceptionally well with production continuing to supply the ever-increasing demands of their products. Ursula is passionate about what she does and is continually introducing new products to the range.

Expanding The Clay Club website to now facilitate online ordering of the products, is just another step to ensuring that everyone has access to her products. Yet again they were so successful and required bigger premises so early in 2015 Ursula and the team moved to their great new home which not only combines the factory, shop and showrooms but provides ample space for creative parties.

Artworks by Ursula